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The DaVinci Hour is a Podcast interview series brought to you by DaVinci Academy. The host of this series is Dr. Maxwell Cooper, the Lead Instructor at DaVinci Academy and a Radiology Resident at Emory University. In this series, Dr. Cooper interviews individuals across a variety of fields in medicine. The discussions take an inside look at the guests' experiences, career path, and insights. Additionally, Dr. Cooper and the guests provide advice on how you can navigate your journey toward your dream career in medicine. Scroll below to see our latest episodes!

Episode 8 - Interview with an Anesthesiology Resident

In this podcast episode we interview Dr. Tye Chang, an Anesthesiology Resident at Emory University. Dr. Chang gives an overview of the field of anesthesiology, a typical day for an anesthesiology resident, anesthesia call, and the anesthesiology subspecialties. He also provides advice for medical students applying to anesthesiology residency.

Episode 7 - Interview with an Interventional Radiology Resident

In this episode we interview Dr. John Moon, an Integrated Interventional Radiology Resident at Emory University and Founder & CEO of BioFlow Medical Devices. Dr. Moon gives an overview of the field of IR and the different IR training pathways. He also provides advice for medical students applying to IR residency. The discussion also covers medical device development.

Episode 6 - Interview with a Neurosurgeon

In this episode we interview Dr. Kevin Reinard, an Attending Neurosurgeon at Promedica Toledo Hospital in Toledo, OH. Dr. Reinard provides insight into a neurosurgeon's day-to-day responsibilities, the variety of neurosurgery procedures, neurosurgery trauma call, and new innovation in neurosurgery. He also provides advice for medical students applying to neurosurgery residency.

Episode 5 - Interview with a Hospitalist Medicine Attending

In this episode Dr. Jared Schprechman, a Hospitalist Medicine Attending at Alton Memorial Hospital of the Barnes-Jewish Health System gives insight into the typical day, responsibilities, and lifestyle of a hospitalist. He also provides advice for medical students and internal medicine residents interested in pursuing a career in Hospitalist Medicine.

Episode 4 - Introduction to Medical Device Development

This episode with Duane Mancini, founder and host of the Project Medtech podcast, provides an introduction to the process of medical device development and how medical students and residents can get involved. The discussion also touched on networking, forming a team, seeking funding, and product development.

Episode 3 - How to Choose Your Medical Specialty

Hear more about how to make the big decision of choosing your specialty as a medical student. Dr. Owusu-Dapaah also tells his story of changing career paths from internal medicine to anesthesia and provides advice to current residents thinking of making a specialty change.

Episode 2 - Transitioning from Medical School to Intern Year

Hear more about the big transition from medical school to intern year. Dr. Cooper and Dr. Askcherkin provide advice on preparing for intern year, how to tackle the first month, and ways to grow during intern year.

Episode 1: Interview with an Orthopaedic Resident

Hear more about Dr. Shah's journey through medical school, Step, the Boards, interviews and now his first year of residency.

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