Episode 33: Discussing the Ethics of AI and Medical Errors: What Happens When AI Outperforms Radiologists?

In this episode Maxwell Cooper, M.D. talks with Medical Ethicist and Emory University Professor John Banja, Ph.D. about the ethics of AI and medical errors, specifically what will happen when AI can outperform radiologists? Professor Banja has spent much of his career looking at the ethics involved in medical errors and recently has turned his focus to AI and radiology. He hosts the AI, Radiology and Ethics Podcast where he interviews leading radiologists and AI experts on ethical issues we will face with AI in the near future. The discussion during this episode looks at a number of medical error scenarios involving a future AI model that could perform at the same level as a radiologist. Specifically, Dr. Cooper and Professor Banja examine who would be liable in these scenarios, how these errors could be mitigated, and how these errors could be prevented.

*Views expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals, not their respective institutions

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AI, Radiology and Ethics Podcast
John Banja, Ph.D.
Medical Ethicist
Professor, Emory University
Host of the AI, Radiology and Ethics Podcast

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