Episode 39: Interview with David Canes, M.D., Urologist and Founder of WellPrept │ Helping Doctors Provide Better Patient Education and Improve Efficiency

In this episode of The DaVinci Hour Podcast Maxwell Cooper, M.D. interviews David Canes, M.D., a Urologist at Lahey Hospital and Founder of WellPrept, a platform for doctors to provide accurate and informative educational materials to their patients. Dr. Canes gives an overview of his urology practice and describes how frequently giving the same explanations for diseases and procedures to patients in clinic inspired him to start WellPrept. The platform provided by WellPrept allows doctors to create a single link to a page containing multiple educational resources organized by procedure and disease for their patients to review before coming to clinic. As a result, Physicians using WellPrept have found patient visits to be more centered on each patient's specific needs and questions, rather than repeating basic explanations. Dr. Canes hopes that WellPrept can help physicians avoid burnout and connect more with their patients during clinic visits.

*Views expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals, not their respective institutions

David Canes, M.D.
Attending Urologist, Lahey Hospital
Founder, WellPrept
WellPrept Website: https://wellprept.com/
Personal Website: https://drcanes.com/
Robotic & Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic
Urology Residency, Lahey Hospital
M.D., Weill Medical College of Cornell University
B.S., Yale University

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