Episode 26: How Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs is Transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry

In this DaVinci Innovators+ episode Dr. Maxwell Cooper interviews Mark Cuban, a serial entrepreneur, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA Team, a Shark on ABC's Shark Tank Series, and Co-Founder of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs. Mark outlines how Cost Plus Drugs is obtaining medications directly from manufacturers and wholesalers to provide medications at the lowest prices possible in the most transparent way. He also describes how physicians can easily send prescriptions to CostPlusDrugs.com and how patients can sign up. Mark tells the story of how his Co-Founder, Dr. Alex Oshmyansky cold emailed him about starting Cost Plus Drugs.  Lastly, Mark describes his experience working with physician-entrepreneurs and gives advice for physicians starting companies.

+DaVinci Innovators is a series of episodes of The DaVinci Hour Podcast that feature physicians, inventors, and entrepreneurs working on innovative medical technology and building companies impacting healthcare. 

*Views expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals, not their respective institutions

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Mark Cuban
Serial Entrepreneur
Co-Founder of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs
Owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA Team
Shark on ABC's Shark Tank Series
Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company
Instagram: @costplusdrugs

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