Episode 48: Interview with Jani Tuomi, Co-Founder of Imaware │ Using Home-Based Lab Testing to Improve Access, Personal Health, and Disease Prevention

In this episode Maxwell Cooper, M.D. interviews Jani Tuomi, Co-Founder of Imaware, a digital health platform for home-based lab testing. Jani describes how a family member's illness due to a preventable disease inspired him to start Imaware to enable patients to take control of their health and enable early long-term monitoring of one's health. Jani gives an overview of how employers, hospitals and clinics, and patients are ordering home-based labs through Imaware's platform. The process involves patients receiving a home testing kit that includes device for collecting and storing a few drops of blood that is sent back for the selected lab tests. Jani discusses how Imaware from day 1 made the best efforts possible to ensure differentiation from Theranos and achieving the highest levels of transparency and compliance with regulatory and patient privacy protection standards, including the 3rd party lab testing companies they have partnered with. Jani and Dr. Cooper discuss the paradigm shift of telemedicine and home-based healthcare and how Imaware plays into that. 

*Views expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals, not their respective institutions

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Jani Tuomi.
Co-Founder, Imaware

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