Episode 20: Interview with David Prologo, M.D., Interventional Radiologist, Obesity Medicine Specialist, and Author

In this episode we interview Dr. J. David Prologo, an Interventional Radiologist at Emory University with additional Board Certification in Obesity Medicine, and the Author of The Catching Point Transformation. Dr. Prologo discusses his interventional radiology practice and how the field of IR has evolved to retool previously developed procedures to be treat patients with obesity. He also describes the central themes of his book The Catching Point, consisting of evidence-based explanations for why many people fail to adhere to diets, why obesity is a multifactorial condition, available treatments for obesity, and how one can reach the "Catching Point" for changing their diet and lifestyle. Lastly, Dr. Prologo provides advice for how medical students and residents can maintain a healthy lifestyle while enduring the demanding schedule of a medical training.

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J. David Prologo, M.D., FSIR, ABOM-D

Current Position
Attending Interventional Radiologist, Emory Healthcare
Board Certified in Obesity Medicine
Associate Professor, Emory University School of Medicine
Author of The Catching Point Transformation: A Twelve-Week Weight Loss Strategy Based in Reality
Book available on Amazon HERE
Twitter: @jdprologo
Instagram: @jdprologo

Interventional Radiology Fellowship, MetroHealth Medical Center
Radiology Residency, University Hospitals-Cleveland Medical Center
M.D., The Ohio State University College of Medicine
B.S., John Carroll University

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