Episode 54: Interview with Seth Bogner, CEO of HeartPoint Global │ Innovative Medical Devices that Reduce Cost and Increase Care Access for Heart Patients on a Global Level

In this episode Maxwell Cooper, M.D. interviews Seth Bogner, serial entrepeneur and Chairman and CEO of HeartPoint Global, a company developing innovative, minimally-invasive medical devices for heart patients. Seth gives an overview of HeartPoint's device that is an endovascular alternative to surgical pulmonary banding to help reduce excessive pulmonary blood flow and decrease pressure. Specifically, HeartPoint's endovascular stent device is placed in the pulmonary artery and has a patented adjustable system allowing the device to adjust blood flow and pressure opening a wide array of indications including congenital heart defects and left heart failure. The device can be adjusted at anytime after implantation. Seth discusses how this device is an effective and low cost alternative to open surgical procedures that many patients in developing countries do not have access to. Seth and his global team at HeartPoint are working about to launch their first in-human trials with HeartPoint's device in both developing and developed countries. Seth gives an overview of gaining regulatory approval for a medical device on a global scale. Lastly, Seth discusses how HeartPoint's device was developed from the physician's perspective and made to be easily used allowing easy adoptability across the world.

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Seth Bogner
Chairman & CEO, HeartPoint Global
HeartPoint Global Website: https://www.instagram.com/drcorriel/

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