7 Tips to Maximize Your Experience with DaVinci Academy

May 14, 2020

Now that you’ve joined DaVinci Academy, what’s next? While we have designed our website to be easy to use, there are always ways to improve your experience. This blog outlines our tips!

1. Video Playback Speed

We made sure to include the option to control the playback speed of all videos. To change the speed, click on the settings gear icon in the video player and select “Speed”. Next select your desired speed and learn away!

Some of our students like to listen to our videos at 1.5x when reviewing the material for a second time.


2. Overview of Lecture Topics

Our lectures include more than just videos! Below each lecture video is a summary of the topics covered in the video. Additionally, you can find the corresponding textbook pages for DaVinci Academy’s Principles of Clinical Anatomy and Principles of Clinical Biochemistry textbooks and First Aid for the USMLE Step 1. Use these quick references to help keep your studying on track and maximize efficiency!


3. #DaVinciCases Downloadable Notes

With every #DaVinciCases video, we have provided the slides to follow along and take notes. In the “Downloads” Section on the right-hand sidebar, you have the ability to download the PDF notes. Just click the name of the file and follow along!


4. Mobile Application

Do you want to take DaVinci on the go? Our app allows for the optimal mobile experience. Here are the steps:

1) Download the “Kajabi” application from the App Store or Google Play.

2) Open the Kajabi app to enter your user email for DaVinci Academy. After this, you will receive a confirmation email from Kajabi Support. Simply click the button to confirm your email address.

3) Launch the Kajabi app and make sure “DaVinci Academy” is added with a blue check mark as seen in the picture below.

4) Click “Next” in the top right corner and begin using DaVinci anywhere!

Our app allows users to view all online lecture videos with their membership and offers all of the same features as our browser application.


5. Outline Format Textbooks

Do you study better with a textbook? Great, many of our students do too! That is why DaVinci Academy created high-yield outline format textbooks for all of our subjects. All of the content covered in our lecture videos is in our books. The textbooks allow you to focus on the lecture video instead of scrambling to write down notes. You can also jot down notes in the margins or highlight the most important concepts with the book.

Each of our monthly subscription packages offers you the ability to purchase our textbooks at checkout. In the image below, we have highlighted how to add textbooks to your cart. Once you have selected your package from the home page (Anatomy, Biochemistry, Combo), you will be taken to the checkout page. Right above the “Complete My Purchase” button, you have the option to add the textbook. Simply check the box and you will receive your textbook for the additional cost. All books are shipped for free and arrive within 5 days of order. If FedEx ships to your location, we can ship it to you!

Already bought your package without a book and want to add it? No problem! Click the “Store” button on the header of our website and purchase your textbook.


6. Add More Content at a Discount

If you purchase the Anatomy & Biochemistry package together, we call this our “Combo Package” and it will give you our products at a discount! Already purchased Biochemistry and now you want to add Anatomy? For a limited time, we are still offering this discount after purchase.

In the picture below you will see the Biochemistry dashboard. On the right-hand sidebar, you will see an icon for “Principles of Clinical Anatomy Package”. If you click the “Learn More” button, you will have the ability to purchase our Anatomy course at the Combo Package discount price. We offer this same opportunity if you purchased Anatomy and decide you want to add on Biochemistry.


7. DaVinci Answers

Having trouble with something on our site? Our FAQ page is full of answers to our most common questions. Still having trouble? Please contact us on our support page and we will get back to you within 24 hours of submission!


Bonus: Even More Content

Would you like even more DaVinci content? Follow us on social media! DaVinci Academy is active on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Please follow and subscribe to our pages for regular free content and updates! Also make sure to subscribe at the top of this page to receive our weekly newsletter and updates.


Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment below if you would like tips for anything else or have a blog topic suggestion.


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